4 protective styles for natural hair during winter

1. Braid it up

Braids are hands down the most iconic and "go to" protective hairstyle for any QUEEN, not only in summer but especially in winter, where keeping your coils and curls nourished, moisturised and hydrated is very important to avoid dry , damaged and brittle hair. Box braids, chunky braids or goddess braids, its all up to you.

2. Bead it up

Elevate and style your box braids with beads and shells. Turn your box braids into stunning boho chic braids.

3. Wrap it up

Beat bad hair days with a simple head wrap . Chose your colour, style and off you go.

4. Crochet it up

This style is super versatile and an easy DIY style. Once you have laid your cornrows down and you have your crochet needle ready, chose your fiber and lets go.