The purpose of detangling is to remove hair, which naturally sheds during the growth cycle. It is a vital step in natural hair care, especially for those with loose curly and kinky hair. Natural hair is prone to tangles and knots because every curl or coil on the hair strand is an opportunity for breakage to occur.  This process helps to soften the hair for better manageability. When the hair is more manageable, there is less chance of breakage when styling. And when you experience less breakage, you will see much more length retention and of course less pain. It is highly recommended to use detangling hair spray or a leave in conditioner as part of the process. Pain-free detangling is possible and requires proper planning and using the right techniques. Detangling before washing Detangling hair before shampooing is a great method to use especially if you have just taken your hair out of plaits or braids. Removing the bulk of the shed hair beforehand will help to reduce the amount of breakage and tangling you may experience if you detangle your hair later on in the washing process. This method can also reduce overall wash time and reduce the amount of hair that falls out in the shower. Detangling before washing helps restore the moisture your hair craves prior to getting into your wash-day routine. It preps the hair and scalp for any moisture you may lose during shampooing. The trick here is to soften the hair before detangling. Dampen hair with water and a detangling hair spray.  Apply a generous amount of leave in conditioner onto the hair and massage in. Its important to note that is you may need to detangle the hair again after washing it in order to get rid of the tangling resulting from the friction of washing the hair (rubbing motion used). Detangling after washing Ensure that you do not dry your hair too much. Apply a generous amount of detangling hair spray or leave in conditioner to sections of hair, massage gently and proceed with detangling steps below. How to detangle hair Step #1. Spritz on detangler. The rooted detangling milk moisturising spray Step #2. Grab a wide tooth comb or detangling brush. Using a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush, Section hair and begin to gently brush your strands from ends to roots. This will help to avoid any hair breakage! When you get to your knots, be especially gentle. Step #3. Spritz and repeat. If you find you’re still having difficulty getting out a knot, apply more hair detangler to your hair and repeat the process. Detangle your way to healthier coils & curls!